“Feza International School -Kindergarten, the school which makes students love it. Since Sümeyye started at the kindergarten, she has completely changed her mind about school. Before that, she was not getting along with the school at all but since FIS-KG, she is eagerly waiting for the school time to come. The care given by teachers, well prepared and soundly implemented curriculum and the perfect facilities are not the only factors to be satisfied with the school. Our kids don’t take the school as others do as a place to study and do homework only, they see it a place where they interact, share good times and play games but all these are synchronized with a good learning environment, very well prepared by teachers and that’s how education for our pupils supposed to be. We have seen that our kids are “Being Better Educated” and cared. We would like to – maybe have to – send our regards and thanks to the teachers especially Teacher Rose and Teacher Belle for their great support and care for the children.”