Are you in need of a safe boarding house for your child, you could never find better!!

Feza international provides the safest environment for your child to grow in, well monitored and taken care of environment. We accommodate students from the age of 14 to 21 (Year 8- 13 )  We provide dormitory for both girls and boys separately and in separate areas.

The reason  to the success of this area of the school lies in the clear behavioral expectations, the wide range of activities on offer at weekends and the safe and nurturing environment that is created.

The school has a capacity of accommodating more than 102 students in campus and. The students are located in very comfortable rooms of 6 Students per room. The rooms have different facilities to ensure the comfort ability of the students in different seasons throughout the year. It has, big windows, fans and Each student has a lockable wardrobe. All bedding linen  are provided by the school and cleaned by the school.The school has washing machines that help in, Students learn to take care of their own personal belongings,  as well as contributing to the overall care of the house and equipment provided.

Our dormitories have laundry rooms with enough washing machines and equipment that provide laundry services to all students at no extra charge. A weekly schedule allows for separate laundry days per rooms, both domitories.

There are more than seven (7) dedicated staffs who are there to support, supervise and ensure the well-being of the students during their entire stay in the dormitory. and the number of students in each room is usually 6. The staff are also accommodated on site, to provide a high level of supervision and support for our boarding students. The Dormitory has its own student common rooms with satellite TV and other recreational activities.

Students are assigned a staff mentor who is responsible for his or her academic and pastoral welfare. The relationship between student and mentor is done privately, confidentially and is run on the student –mentor relationship basis. Furthermore there are mentor groups (small in number) who meet regularly for consultation.  Main  role of mentors are  to inspire, challenge and empower the students and monitor their social, personal and academic progress.

Boarding students also have the benefit of being able to access the swimming pool, indoor sports arena, ICT labs, libraries and other facilities, under supervision at designated times after school hours and during weekends.

During the week students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own time management, however a suitable schedule is arranged to ensure certain activities, such as homework are given priority. Homework or prep sessions are compulsory and are scheduled each evening, Sunday – Thursday (7;00pm -9:30PM)Friday (7:00PM – 8:00PM) and at weekends. Boarders are supervised whilst completing their homework in designated prep rooms

At weekends, a wide range of activities are available. These include many sports tournaments, cinema and theatre visits.

Students are absolutely forbidden to leave the campus unless it is on an organised school activity or with permission from the proper authorities after consultation with a parent/guardian. The  Security is very tight and there are always gatemen on duty. There is also security lighting and alarm systems linked to external security companies. The boarding complex is also fitted with smoke detectors.

The food provided to boarders is excellent and the students are regularly consulted about the menu. View our current school menu on this website.

The school infirmary room ensures that a qualified nurse is always on duty during afternoon hours and has a standby car in case of emergencies during the night. The school also has its own borehole which provides for all Boarding House water needs, and a large generator to ensure that there is power always.