Volleyball Club

We believe that volleyball is a unique sport that demands teamwork, commitment and perseverance on and off the court. FIS Volleyball Club was born out of a desire to get today’s youth moving and develop these life skills. FIS commits itself to advance the game of volleyball as it develops students of all skill levels in their personal growth and team betterment.

You do not need previous volleyball experience to learn, excel, and succeed at FIS Volleyball Club. The accomplishment of any player’s goals is a combination of what we can provide AND the effort and commitment made by the player. The club is for every student who has the desire to improve! It is committed to the development of the individual skill level of all their participating students while providing a safe, competitive and fun environment. We want our coaches and athletes to get to their next level! Our mission is to take each player to a higher level of competitiveness while maintaining his/her love for the game.  As a club, we sincerely hope that by teaching the game’s fundamentals, we will provide the solid foundation that will enable young people to not just play volleyball in school, but into adulthood as well. We believe that volleyball is truly a lifetime sport.

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