FIS offers both extensive career guidance and college counseling services to all enrolled students at no additional cost. This begins in year 8 when we provide psychometric testing to identify career suitability parameters, all the way through to the college/university application process in years 12-13.


Career Guidance

This process begins includes:

  • Psychometric tests to identify the competencies and capabilities
  • Goal setting and key skill acquisition targets
  • Subject selection stream (e.g. Science, Finance, Humanities) support

College Admission Counseling

At FIS, we have a dedicated College Counselor who is able to provide tailored support for college/university admissions around the world. We understand that the expectations and requirements of our students (and their families) are very unique, so we aim to help make sure our students end up in the right country, in the right city, at the right university, doing the right course for THEM.

The decision to send a child to study abroad is both stressful and complicated. However, parents can relax, safe in the knowledge that all colleges/universities are fully vetted and approved before we send any of our students to join.

Financial Support

In addition to the regular support we provide all our students applying for tertiary education, both in Tanzania and abroad, we also work tirelessly to pursue a wide range of scholarships and bursaries provided by leading colleges/universities around the world.