Art Club

FIS Art Club is a group of students who share a common interest in the creation of art. Art Club promotes imagination, creativity, and art production.  We focus on materials and projects that are beyond what you would do in a regular art class.  Students are able to experiment with various art materials in a personalized, open and exploratory manner.  Students are working on projects that involve various techniques in drawing and painting, ceramics, various crafts, and mixed media.  Some past projects include:  carved and painted pumpkins, produced a mural, face painting at the District Art Show, melted crayon wall art, holiday crafts, altered books/journals and sign making.  Art Club provides activities for students of all levels of interests and abilities.  You do not have to have any prior art experience to join the Art Club.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to get involved and learn about different art techniques.  We are here to learn and have fun.

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