Cooking Club

With a fast-food drive-thru on every street corner and frozen meals taking over more and more of the grocery store, you could easily get through life without cooking. . . so long as you don’t mind being broke, lonely and sick!

The fact is, learning how to cook simple, inexpensive, tasty and healthy meals and snacks are more important than ever because of the social and advertising pressure of instant, high-fat, high-sugar, low-nutrition fast food. Preparing your own food isn’t just better for your body, it’s easier on your budget and it provides you with an opportunity to socialize by sharing food with friends and family.

And just like learning to swim or speak a second language, learning to cook is more effective if we can start early in life and have fun at it.

That’s why this club was created – to help you inspire your children to learn this important life skill through participation in Cooking Club.

So get ready, get messy, and make some fun, healthy snacks and meals.

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