House System

Students are allocated to one of four different ‘Houses’ and this remains their ‘House’ for their duration at FIS. Throughout the year, FIS will be running a range of activities and competitions in which students compete against each other for ‘House Points’.
There are a number of reasons why this system is of benefit to a school:

  •  We believe that it is important to have a system in place that rewards students for their hard work and effort here at FIS.
  • The attachment to a house gives the students a real sense of belonging and community, with the support of their fellow ‘Housemates’
  • The system provides an opportunity for students to become heroes and shine in all areas of school life. As we are running cross-school/subject activities as well as awarding everyday points, each and every student has the opportunity to contribute to the success of their House, which also provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • We aim to promote curiosity and creativity in the students, through a range of activities and also small roles within the Houses that they can all contribute towards.
  • A spirit of adventure is a must! Hopefully, with the chance of contributing to their House, students will try new things and compete in areas they may not have thought about before, thus promoting confidence also.

We will be promoting leadership and responsibility, especially for the older students who will be taking on important roles within their House.