The WSC event was spread over three PWAAWESOME days from 21st to 23rd May. Day-1 was for Junior scholars, day-2 was for Senior scholars and a grand finale for all scholars on day-3.The day started with an opening ceremony with the Alpaca in Chief, Daniel Berdichevsky and his team from the World Scholar’s Cup Organisation. Scholars spent the rest of their first days debating, collaboratively writing and completing a Scholars Challenge. Scholars from 9 different schools came together to appreciate their united love of learning, boost their confidence in newly gained skills as well as simply show how to be good global citizens. Day-3 was jam packed with fast paced activities as well as a talent show where scholars showcased their artistic abilities too. So many trophies and medals were won by all scholars which was of course the highlight of it ALL! We would like to thank the generosity of ASAS DAIRIES LTD(ASAS Dairies LTD )for sponsoring the event.

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